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12 Water Safety Tips for Families

Water safety includes a person’s behavior in and around the water. Before allowing your kids into the pool, teach them these basic water safety tips to ensure a pleasant and safe time of making memories in the pool.

No. 1: Learn CPR

It can literally mean the difference between life and death.

No. 2: Avoid alcohol

Alcohol can impair your judgment, coordination, balance and your body’s ability to stay warm. Avoid it when supervising children and swimming.

No. 3: Keep this pool kit handy

Have these items nearby at all times when you are using a spa or a pool: portable telephone, flotation device, first aid kit, and a pair of scissors to cut clothing, hair or a pool cover if necessary.

No. 4: Never swim alone

In addition to having a dedicated person nearby to monitor swimmers, a good rule–for adults and children–is to use the buddy system. Ask your family guests to always swim with a sibling or friend so they can look out for one another.

No. 5: Stay close to your children

A general rule is that a parent should be within arm’s reach of a younger child at all times. Even older children who are good swimmers need supervision because they’re prone to trying tricks, dives and flips that can be dangerous in the water. Also even experienced swimmers can tire and so swim durations should be monitored and periodic rest breaks, opportunities to eat and bathroom visits should be planned into a day using the pool.

No. 6: Check the water first

If a child goes missing, you should look for them in the water first. Run, don’t walk, to the pool– seconds count.

No. 7: Toys are not safety gear

Inexperienced young swimmers may need to use a life jacket. Do not use any sort of foam or air-filled toys. They are not made to keep swimmers safe

No. 8: Explain the house rules

Share your pool safety instructions with family, neighbors and friends. Anyone who wants to enjoy your company and your pool should be willing to abide by them.

No. 9: Avoid breath-holding games

Swimmers need to avoid hyperventilating – breathing deeper or faster – before going underwater or trying to hold their breath for a long time since this can cause them to pass out. It is best to breathe normally while swimming.

Holding your breath in the water for a long time can cause drowning and presents other serious risks. Make sure all swimmers, but children especially, understand that these activities can be dangerous and should not be part of any water-related games in your pool.

If your children swim competitively, they should learn proper breathing to avoid problems during their practices.

No. 10: Stay away from pool drains

Make sure any spa and pool you use have proper drain covers; ask your service company to check if you don’t know.Hair, clothing or even limbs can become entangled if a drain is not covered or not working properly. If you suspect that your drains may be faulty, ask your pool service provider to inspect them.

Never swim or allow others to swim in a pool that has missing or broken drain covers.

No. 11: Block unapproved swimming pool use

Install a safety fence around your pool and spa and keep it in place when not in use. Keep your pool fence locked when others are not to be in the pool. If you notice any defects in the fencing, have them repaired by a pool service or the installer. You can also install pool alarms to go off whenever anything of a certain mass enters the water.

No. 12: Look before you leap

Check the water temperature before you go in. Jumping into cold water can shock your system, increase your heart rate and pulse and slow your muscles, increasing your risk of drowning. Never dive into unknown water. Do not dive into shallow water–ever. Teach children the proper way to enter the water.

I’d like to thank Pool Troopers for this wonderful information that is extremely important and valuable to everyone to keep us all safe in and around pools!!

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