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Rabbit Door to Wall Decor

If you look back a couple of days ago to this dresser flip post:

We talked about how we tried to make a rabbit hutch that didn’t work out.

So, since we no longer had the need for rabbit hutch doors (as they would have been chewed up along with everything else) – Repurposing them was the next best thing. It’s actually quite large measuring out to close to 2 feet x 2 feet. Those pictures are normal sized postcards. It could use more details or more decor around the wood framing maybe – but this keeps it nice and neutral as to add any decor, design or theme and make it work universally.Cute huh~


Thinking of taking the other door and painting it a different color and maybe distress it a little – What color would you paint it? Add any other embellishments, rope type hanger added to the top – What all would you do?


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