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3-Ingredient Disinfectant Spray

We can always use a little extra disinfecting in our lives. This simple 3-Ingredient DIY Disinfectant Spray can be made with products you probably already have on hand.

This spray is so versatile! We use this around our house to disinfect and deodorize our furniture, mattresses, shoes, pet bedding, and vehicles. We have used it in so many different areas and it has never caused any discoloration or problems.

I do want to add a disclaimer and let you all know that I am not a biologist and do not want to claim that this will kill all viruses. However, this is a go to at our house along with some other key cleaning items and thought it might be of interest to you all ~

It is made with three simple ingredients…

1. Vodka

2. Water

3. Essential Oils

That’s it, super easy right!!

Alcohol (Vodka) is effective at killing different types of microbes, including some viruses and some bacteria by a process called denaturation. Denaturation occurs when alcohol “unfolds and inactivates” the virus and/or bacteria, which cripples and often kills the microbe. I know, super technical right… but it kills the bad stuff 🙂 haha ~

Essential oils are a great addition to this DIY cleaning product. They are a natural, safe, non-toxic way to clean your home. In this picture I used the Citrus Burst blend of oils which include: grapefruit, lemon, lime, may chang, mandarin, and sweet orange.

Here are just a few key points on these oils in regards to cleaning: Grapefruit essential oil has potent antibacterial and antimicrobial effects. Lemon essential oil has powerful anti-fungal properties. Lime essential oil boasts antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that help to prevent bacterial infection. It may also help to prevent viral infections that cause the common cold and flu. May Chang essential oil has antiseptic, anti-fungal and antiviral properties, which can be used to help keep coughs, colds and athletes foot at bay. It’s also great to sterilize kitchen worktops. Mandarin essential oil contains antimicrobial activity. Several studies have examined mandarin oil as a natural food preservative against pathogens, bacteria, and fungi. Sweet Orange essential oil is antiseptic and it can be effective at stopping the growth of some types of bacteria and fungi.

If you don’t happen to have the Citrus Burst oil blend, you can choose one or more of the oils mentioned above to get great results.

The 8 ounce cobalt blue glass bottles are great for many different things around the house. They come empty and are refillable for use with essential oil blends, DIY Cleaning & more.

To make this 3-Ingredient Disinfectant Spray, you simple fill the bottle half way with vodka, add 16-20 drops of your favorite essential oil (or combination of oils) and fill remainder with water. Using a funnel is recommended to keep from spilling it all over the place and making a mess (yes, I did that the first time too – haha!) Shake, spray and wipe down with your favorite E-Cloth or microfiber cleaning cloth.

Tell me what your favorite essential oil, oils or blend that you love and why. We can all learn from each other and help make our health and homes safe, clean, and smelling great. Take care~

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