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De-Clutter or Re-Use

We’ve been decluttering and getting rid of stuff throughout our house. Well, actually I have. This happens often around here as the house seems to be overflowing sometimes with too many THINGS.

Anyone else feel this way? Old or outgrown clothes, decorations that just don’t match any longer, witch hats, you name it. 

One problem I always seem to run across is whether or not to re-use or re-purpose items. I pulled out 2 lamps, a pair of jean shorts, some storage items and a few other small kitchen items. 

As a DIY / Reclaimer I try to find a new use (re-use) for an old item. I wind up with some great new uses and looks for things. But, sometimes I end up with too many items hanging around again that never get used. LOL!

Do you ever try to donate items and end up taking some things out for memories or just not sure it’s time… I think we all do a little of this from time to time.

I have collected a plethora of crafting, scrapbooking, painting, stamping, wood burning tools, and supplies over the years. Along with my daughters who love to create new and wonderful things – our homeschool/craft room/DIY studio is quite full!! 

The other option is to try and sell on local sites such as Facebook or Craigslist. If there are too many small items, is it worth the time and hassle just a few quick bucks? I guess some could argue this point that every little dollar matters. Even a little money is better than none.

Giving to those who are in need when I can rather than just trying to “make money” for my own pocket is also a practice we take on often.

Our pile kept growing and finally my husband took it all out to the truck to drop it off tomorrow.

We like to donate to many different organizations, the one we have been taking most of our stuff to lately has been a shelter/home/safe haven for battered woman and children.

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