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Fabric Grocery Trolley Bags

Do you ever stop and think about how many plastic trash bags we go through on a regular basis. Think about every time you go to the grocery store, Target or WalMart. I know we sure accumulate a lot on a weekly basis. Especially because many of the bags are made so thin that they require double-bagging so they handles don’t tear apart.

They can be rather useful as a trashcan liner in your bathroom or putting your wet/muddy shoes in after an afternoon hike to keep the inside of your car a little cleaner. But, they really seem wasteful to me and I always end up with an over abundance of them.

I have had a few fabric re-usable bags from various stores in the past. Unfortunately though after a while the fabric breaks down from the heat in your car and they start to fall apart or disintegrate. This is not great when the bag is full of groceries and the strap finally unravels and breaks… and your groceries get scattered all over the floor.

Lotus Trolley Bags reached out to me to try out their shopping bags. I was sent the set of 4 in the Original Colors.

At first I wasn’t sure just how it would work as far as shopping, “bagging” them at the store, and if the handles would carry the heavy loads.

I have to say that I was rather impressed with the capacity each one holds. They are quite deep and really hold a lot of volume.

The material is strong and the stitching stayed in tact. All in all they are made really well!

One of the Lotus Trolly Bags is an insulated cooler bag and is lined for cold storage.

Another bag has an inside pocket used to hold your favorite bottle of wine.

They fold up nicely for ease of storage and carrying and are even machine washable.

The first shopping trip went really well. As you can see I had a pretty full cart and it all fit in these bags really well.

If you haven’t heard of the Lotus Trolley Bag brand, they are a company on a mission to eliminate plastic shopping bags. They have been featured on the Today Show, The View, Real Simple, and Good Morning America just to name a few. They are members of 1% For the Planet, which means that 1% of their sales go to non-profits to protect our oceans.

The second trip was to Costco and the edges were just a bit short to fit over the sides of the card to make them stand up well as you can see here ~

They offer a Larger “Club Cart” version to fit the larger carts. You can find those on Amazon as well, just click here.

I think I may go back to order some of the produce bags as well. They are reusable netted mesh bags, zero-waste, non-plastic, eco-friendly, washable, & have a drawstring for fresh vegetables and some fruit.

Lotus Trolly Bag company is a US based family owned business based in California.

These would make a great for Mother’s Day, birthday’s, or heck just pick them up for yourself to make grocery shopping easier and a little more eco-friendly!

Click on the picture to the left to take you directly to Amazon to purchase ~

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