Food Allergies & Whole 30

Food Allergies can really be such a hassle in so many ways. My daughters and I have gluten and dairy intolerance issues. It affects us all a little different. Between constipation, the very opposite of constipation, cramps, eczema, nasal congestion, headaches, and cloudy thoughts, we really feel awful at times. Sorry if that is all a little TMI – but I know someone out there can relate in one way or another.

In addition to that, I have a nut allergy. Not just one type of nut, but most nuts. So much so that I am afraid to try a new one just in case. This allergy by far is the scariest and I avoid all nuts like the plague! When you are stuck in a car in the middle of nowhere eating a snickers and you realize that you now have a peanut allergy because you are having a hard time breathing…You really don’t want to take that risk again ~ And I am pretty sure my husband would have a small panic attack again trying to find the nearest hospital. With none in sight I might add for at least 50 in either direction at that time).

My allergies didn’t hit me until my early to mid-twenties and then again after having my first daughter. They didn’t all start at the same time either. My daughters both had dairy intolerances as babies and can somewhat tolerate ice cream at times. But usually pay for it within a few hours or by the next day. We avoid gluten at all times and have dairy on occasion – very rare occasions though.

Groceries and Eating Out

I am sure that my family is not the only family out there with food allergies. Luckily, there are many products more readily available at most stores that are gluten and dairy free. Ordering online is another option which I honestly am not the best on planning my meals ahead and pre-ordering items needed. They even have gluten free options available on some of the monthly subscription box type meal plans.

Eating out at restaurants is sometimes a challenge. But, there is generally something on the menu that we can eat. Some restaurants will work with you to create your own type of meal when you let them know your food allergies.

Whole 30 Option??

I have recently read quite a bit on the Whole30 Program. It states that certain foods like sugar, grains, dairy, and legumes can have a negative impact/effect on your health. Low or inconsistent energy levels, aches and pains, hard time losing weight, digestive issues, and more can all be symptoms that these foods can be directly related to these foods. I have to admit, I have each and every one of these symptoms.

The program states (in no specific terms) that you strip these types of foods from your diet completely for 30 days. Eat whole clean foods only. This will allow your body recover/heal from the effects of these foods. Then reintroduce them slowly, one at a time seeing how your body reacts to each and if you can tolerate them or not.

I am going to do more research on menu items and recipes to potentially try this out very soon. Have any of you ever tried this? Do you have any thoughts, ideas or suggestions for me? If so, please comment below to share your stories and advice. Thanks and have a great day!

I would like to give photo credit to:  Katie Smith on Unsplash)

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