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From An Idea to Nike Book Review

I had the great pleasure of being asked to read and review a book written by Lowey Bundy Sichol titled From An Idea To Nike. This is a great book about how marketing made Nike a global success and explains many different aspects of business in very relatable terms.

Tells the story

This book tells the story of Phil Knight, the owner of Nike. Where he came from, how his idea was formed, and the path he took to start and run a very successful business along with his business partner, former track coach Bill Bowerman.

Teaches ~

It also teaches about business in a simple way. Giving relatable and easy to understand descriptions along the way. It walks you through the process of business, from the beginning on how an idea is formed, how a company gets started, and more. For example: what is marketing, business basics, logos, market research, endorsements, patents, shareholders, employees, and so, so much more.

Fun Facts

There are a lot of “Fun Facts” such as:

“In some cultures, it’s considered good luck to throw a shoe at a person as he or she leaves for a journey, but in Arab, it’s an insult to show another person the sole of one’s shoe”.

“The earliest known shoes are sandals from approximately 8,000 B.C. They were found in Fort Rock Cave in Oregon, about two hundred miles from Phil Knights’s Eastmoreland family home”.

“The first shoe to feature the Nike Swoosh as not a running shoe. It was a cleat used for football and soccer”.

“The word Nike is actually the name of a Greek Goddess meaning victory”.

“Sneakers were invented in the 1800’s. They got their name because people could “sneak” around in them-the rubber soles didn’t make a sound”.

These fun facts kept my interest and made the book a fun and easy read. It tells a great story and teaches about business without just reading a boring text book about business. We all know those books that are meant to teach you something, but makes you literally fall asleep with boredom. haha~

I promise you will not fall asleep reading this book.

This would be a great resource for any child or teenager considering an entrepreneurial route in life. It helps add some fun to business while giving a real-life view on what is takes without being too scholastic.

Read more to learn more

You can learn all about Nike, how and why the business was formed, and if Phil actually even liked the “Nike” name or not in the beginning. How the vision of the company changed with time. How it grew and exceled in the sports industry in the United States and grew into other countries. Read all about the different sponsorships & athletes Nike has worked with. Details about Michael Jordan and the Air Jordan shoes. Also find out if Michael Jordan wanted to work with Nike or not…

Read about Nike trying to break into the European market. Also, how they broke into other sports besides, track & basketball. Read about Lance Armstrong and why Nike the endorsement cancelled their agreement with him.


There really is quite a bit of great information in this book at just around 100 pages. I really enjoyed reading it and would like to read another book “From An Idea to Disney” written by the same author.

These two books are available wherever books are sold. I have no affiliate promotions or deals on these, just want to pass along good things when I come across them.


I hear that Lego & Google are coming up in July. If I get the pleasure of getting an advanced copy of these books, I’ll be sure to let you all know my thoughts~

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