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Life, Flowers and Joy

Have you ever picked wildflowers? Maybe to make a centerpiece for your table or give them to a loved one? Each flower is unique in its own way. Some are dainty and smell sweet. Some are bright and full of pigment. And we all have our favorites that make us happy and fill us with joy.

Life is like gathering a bouquet of flowers. There are several flowers to choose from just as life offers various choices and changes along the way. We can select the flowers to fit our current situation, life event or mood.

Common flowers for a newborn baby are roses, tulips & carnations. Many choose roses, hydrangeas and calla lilies for weddings. Peonies are tied to romance, prosperity, and bashfulness. Gerbera Daisies symbolize beauty, innocence, purity, and cheerfulness. Sunflowers offer loyalty, warmth, and happiness. Chrysanthemums give hope. Hollyhocks support ambition. Daffodils offer cheer & celebration.

Then there are the flowers that symbolize sympathy, such as white stargazer lilies or Forget-Me-Nots that communicate that your loved one lives on in our memories. Chrysanthemums offer support, encouragement and get well soon wishes.

As we go through life, we have all of these feelings and emotions at one time or another. Butterflies and giddiness from a boyfriend we really like. Cheerfulness and comfort from sunflowers to get well soon. Joyfulness and happy tears for congratulations on a new job, new home or graduation. The excitement when starting a new life journey as we marry the one we love. Happiness and fulfillment from the birth of a newborn baby. Feeling grateful and appreciative for a thoughtful gesture or action for another person.

Let’s gather some daisies together as we journey through life.


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