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Marigold Star Book Review

Marigold Star is a fun and entertaining children’s book. It tells of a journey of a little girl named Marigold Star. It speaks of family, friendship, courage and much more.

Marigold lives in a town called Bramblycrumbly with her family and a pet dragon named Lightning. Everyone says she is “destined for greatness” since she was born with a bright shining star over her head.

She doesn’t feel so great since she can’t seem to keep track of her wand or do magic! She wants to please her parents and show them that she can do magic, but she just can’t seem to master it, any of it. Not even the flying spell that everyone else seems to accomplish with ease. To top it off, she has a new baby sister that takes all the attention and this makes her feel invisible and sad.

One day her bright star begins to fade. Then it starts to blink on and off. She becomes worried about what this might mean and tries to find out what is happening. She wonders and doubts that she will ever be able to do the magic spells or if her magic will disappear if her light goes out.

After seeking advice from Granny, she receives an old book of spells. She tries a new spell called the Invis-O-Friend Spell… and it works! She can’t believe the spell actually worked. The spell takes her somewhere she’s never been before and is surprised to find out that it took her to the human world. She’s always been told bad things about humans and is scared to be there.

To reverse the spell and return home, she must befriend and help three different humans. Each of these humans are not the best at making friends. Marigold, on the other hand, is great at making friends! It should be easy for her. However, each one has their own challenge to face and overcome.

Marigold and the humans become friends on their journey and learn from each other. They go on an adventure and overcome fears, find their strengths and work together in a spooky forest to get Marigold’s wand back from the shadow boy. Along the way they Marigold finds confidence in herself and she misses and appreciates her family more and more.

There is great attention to detail which helps you really imagine where she lives, who the other characters are, what they look like, and how they feel. To help keep the interest for children, there are illustrations throughout to keep you involved, give a little more insight and help with visualizing. Overall I think this is a fun and whimsical book that most children would like. Great job Elise Primavera.

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