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New Cricut Machine

I’ve been considering getting a new Cricut machine for quite some time now. I finally bit the bullet and did it!!! YIKES!!! They are on sale right now, so that helped make the decision a bit easier.

I ended up with the Cricut Explore Air 2 in the Mint color with the “everything bundle”. ~ It’s a really fun color and I’m excited!!

Although I really wanted the Cricut Maker, with all the cool advanced features it has included, I am starting with this one. The Cricut Explore Air 2 has many great features and can do a lot! It is a little more reasonably priced for me to test it out and see if it’s something that can be fun and easy to use. If I absolutely love it and want or need to get the “bigger, shinier model” I’ll reconsider at a later date.

Here is a similar one from Amazon if you are interested in taking a peek or trying it out for yourself ~

Years ago, I purchased one of the original early model Cricut machines. Which I still have… collecting dust in my craft area (haha). It was never really used it to its full potential. Well, if we’re being totally honest here, it really wasn’t used at all! I used to scrapbook back in the day. You know the day’s before kids and life got a little busier! Everyone bragged about their machines and got so much use out of them. I found it kind of a pain to be honest and never took the time to learn how to use it properly.

Here’s to hoping this time will be different!! I am hoping it will work great and I can use it for all the fun upcoming items to craft and DIY. They claim that it “Cuts 100 materials – everything from cardstock, vinyl, and iron-on to a range of specialty material.”

First off though is learning how to use the software Access and Design Space. It’s a whole new world and should be fun to learn. Maybe watching some YouTube videos will be helpful!?!

Let me know if you have any suggestions to make starting easier.

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