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This past weekend was the high school class reunion for the graduation class the year before me. I wasn’t sure I wanted to go as most of the people I keep in contact with on a regular basis weren’t going to be there. My closest friends from High School are friends from my graduating class. However, there was a small group of us that spent a lot of time together during my junior year. We always had so much fun together. We created wonderful memories and special bonds.

A few days prior to and on the day of the reunion I started getting quite a few Facebook Messenger notices from people asking if I was going to make it to the reunion. I was home cleaning, doing laundry and decorating my house for fall with no intentions of attending. Nothing planned to wear and was not prepared at all. I didn’t even have a ticket to get in.

As I mentioned before I really don’t keep in touch with many of these people other than friendships via Facebook. I was shocked that people were contacting me and sincerely wanted me to be there. I called up my bestie to tell her all the people contacting me and we joked about how we had just decided earlier in the week that we weren’t going to go.

One of the messages was from a friend that we both wanted to see. She mentioned a few other people that she thought would be there too, but we still weren’t sure if we really wanted to go. Seeing as she lives four hours away and half the day was already gone, it just didn’t really seem worth it.

As we were talking, another message came through that a friend had an extra ticket and wanted to know if I wanted to use it. We continued chatting for a few minutes contemplating our decision. Her husband was working that night and she didn’t have any other plans. Next thing you know, she was packing a quick bag and headed to town.

She got here on record time. Poor thing forgot her makeup and the shoes she brought down kept slipping off her heal. She arrived in town, bought some makeup and we did the some of the quickest shoe shopping ever. We were on time and even showed up earlier than most of the people that were staying at the resort. Not sure how that happened – but… yay us!!

We had fun after all

We ended up having a really good time seeing people, taking pictures, and just hanging out together. She and I talk on the phone a lot, but there is nothing like spending time laughing and having fun together in person. It’s just good for the soul ya know. She truly is awesome and I am blessed to have such a wonderful friend. We have been friends since our childhood years.

The evening turned out pretty great. It was nice catching up with a few friends that really are and have always been near and dear to my heart. They are all doing great with beautiful families and successful in life. I did recognize and remember almost everyone. And of course, there are always those few that still aren’t friendly. Never have been and never will be. I feel sorry for them in a way that they have been so unhappy for so many years. I know nothing of their lives, what they’ve been through or how they live. It’s sad to see people angry and unfriendly. I wish they could find some peace and happiness in life. Here’s to hoping that maybe one day they will.

There was one girl in particular that I chatted with briefly that wanted to let me know that she didn’t like me much when we first met. We apparently played the same position on the softball team and I took her spot. I had absolutely no idea this ever happened and it most understandably frustrated her. I played where the coach put me and happened to be a very experienced shortstop. I apologized and told her I never knew. She replied, “it’s ok, it made me work harder and become a better player”. She ended up being nice and we talked for a while longer.

Reflecting on the evening

As I reflected on the evening I began to think of how we impact the lives of others each and every day. How or what we are remembered for, and whether we realized it or not, we make a mark on others lives while living our own. Like me impacting that poor girl that played the same spot on the softball team for the entire year before I came along and took it. I would never do something like this intentionally, it’s just not in my nature. That little time in life was impacted by me without my knowledge.

It’s funny how people remember others. Maybe we saved them from being in a bad situation, taught them something they’ll never forget, or created a lifetime memory. How are you remembered? Maybe from playing a certain sport, being smart, or even just having a class with someone and sharing some notes.

I heard other stories throughout the night and saw the joy on everyone’s faces as they saw people they hadn’t seen in many years. People come into our lives for different reasons, sometimes a season, sometimes a reason, and if we are fortunate enough, they are here for a lifetime.

We all have different paths and journeys. Enjoy the journey, take the fork in the road sometime and see where it may lead you. Always stay kind to others ~


Photo Credit goes to Photo by Candice Picard on Unsplash


  • boldresiliencee3cb55863c

    I think it’s always great to get out and see old friends. I’m a bit of an introvert by nature so I always dread big get togethers but always end up actually having a great time.

    • Melissa

      I think its great that you chose to go last minute, as it had some impact in you. I feel the Universe guided you to go because you were going to get something out of it that was part of your purpose or well-being. I believe every one we meet has a meaningful impact, sometimes we know and sometimes we have to figure it out, but it was meant to be. Great post! Bless!

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