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Review: Key Smart Rugged & Mag Connect

Key Smart Rugged

This product was slated to arrive before Father’s Day and due to the postal service, it arrived a few days after. Bummer huh! Either way, this is a great tool to have or to give. It truly is a Compact Key Holder as stated.

The Key Smart packaging has an eye catching design, with great colors and images. It is easy to open and all the basic items you need to get started are included.

Initially I fumbled through the setup of the keys on my own to see how easy or hard it would be. It is pretty painless to open, setup and assemble, but the online video that is provided really makes it easier and clearer to understand. I do suggest using a coin such as a penny to use as a “screwdriver” type of tool to loosen and tighten the screws.

The Rugged Key Smart can hold up to 14 keys. I placed larger and smaller keys in at the same time, filled with the spacers provided as suggested and the keys fit in nicely and compact.

The claim that it contains keys in one organized unit holds true! Even the keys with larger and smaller holes fits and stays in place with little to no sliding around. You do not have to have all the same style or size of keys to make this work.

The materials are made from aircraft quality aluminum & stainless steel hardware. Great sturdy quality and the design really makes this tool desirable. It is compact, organized and comfy to carry just as stated on their website. No poking through pockets or into your legs with the wads of keys you normally carry.

There are five options or styles to choose from including KeySmart Original, KeySmart Leather, KeySmart Rugged, KeySmart Pro, and Special Editions. Find all information about each one at

The pricing is great and each version has its own unique design or quality to suite all different needs. There are many accessories and tools and available to add on. I think I’d love to have one of the ALLTUL multi-tool accessory – they include up to 7 useful tools in 1. There is something for everyone from this company.

I truly didn’t find any flaws in this product. There are even 7 colors to order as your front plate to suite your needs. If I had to pick one thing, it would be that if you change your keys out frequently for any reason, this may be a little more of a hassle. Seeing as you need to screw and unscrew the ends to move, replace, add or remove a key or tool, it is more time consuming. Otherwise, this comes highly recommended as a great gift for the man in your life!

Key Smart Mag Connect

This has one powerful little magnet! It is compact and easy to attach to the Key Smart or use independently for other key organization.

You really need to check out their website, they have some unique and innovative tools and items that you will love.

I will be giving this to my husband to use to see how well he likes it and come back with an added review in a couple of weeks, so stay tuned for that update!

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