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Someday isn’t coming…. Today is the day

I saw a post recently that mentioned someday I will……

Do you have any thoughts or dreams of things you’d like to do? Someday I’ll go on that dream trip, or someday I’ll start to exercise, or someday I’ll start my own business… Someday I’ll… (whatever it is). I know I’m not alone and we’ve all got at least one someday (or more) in our life.

I think lately my family would agree that I’m famous for saying “when I get done with my work we will (or I will) do it.” This is particularly true for me in the month of January with my bookkeeping business. I hate to say it to them, and I know they are sick of hearing it!! It frustrates me to have the extra load of work each year all at the same time. It is year end after all and all the reports and forms are due by January 31st! I am not ungrateful for my clients or the extra income it brings in. I just wish that I could find a better way to have it spread out throughout the year a bit more, instead of all at the same time. Creating stress for all and making it crunch time and craziness. To be honest, it’s the last week of January and I still have a fully decorated Christmas tree in my living room. Yep, you read that right, it’s still up in all it’s glory. That’s ok though, I’ll get to it… someday ~ after my work is done ~ LOL!

Then there’s always the excuse that we just have too much to do right now. We’ll take the trip next year or go hiking next weekend. Let’s be honest, do these things just keep getting pushed out for you too? Are we really that busy or has life, society, social media, and keeping up with the Jones’s (does anyone even say that anymore) taken over? Do we all get tied up in what we should be doing instead of what we want to be doing or find joy in doing?

Does anyone remember going to the park without cell phones or devices to spend the day with your family? Pack a lunch, bring a blanket and some extra bread to feed the ducks in the pond. Spending the whole day there. Maybe taking a walk, reading a book or kicking a ball around. Just really relaxing and enjoying your time together.

The thing is, we are only promised today. Life can change in a moment and you just never know when that moment will come. So, dare to dream big, eat the cake, go on the vacation, call the ones you love and tell them, hug your kids extra tight and spend some time with them with your full attention, take your spouse on a date, call your mom and have lunch, call your brother and check in on him and his family, get your hair colored and cut at a salon. Whatever it is big or small, do it and enjoy it to the fullest.

Enjoy your life, it’s the only one you have ~ xoxo

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