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Ever visit Home Depot?? Silly question for me… Let’s just say that at one point they manager of the paint department almost named a paint after me. 😉 We were remodeling our first house and just couldn’t find the right paint color for the walls. We purchased so many different samples and none of them seemed to work. It’s crazy how different a color can look on your wall than it does on the sample. In the end we created our own color to get it just right. Turned out great and I made some new friends. Yes I am on a first name basis with some of the wonderful employees of my local store.


You can often find some great deals there. For instance, the wood in this picture was part of the “bad” stock in the back of the store. This is the wood that is warped, chipped or damaged in some way, which makes for great discounts as well as tons of character.

Seeing the knots, chips and holes of the wood to gives a wonderful rustic feel and works great for projects.


All you need for this project is a little time, wood planks, paint brushes, paint colors of your choice, and a stencil.

It’s quite simple and quick actually – the biggest time killer was waiting for the paint to dry.

I had the wood cut into planks at the store for free.

Then the hubs helped secure the back with more wood pieces and a few screws.

Next, paint on your base color of choice. This ended up taking 2 layers of chalk paint for the base in the color in “Antique Lace” and “Chocolate Bar” for the lettering.

Add a some twine for a hanger an viola – done!

The original plan was the exact opposite. Stain the wood a nice rich deep brown color and use a white for the lettering. But figured the purple spray paint just might ruin the affect and show through.

In the end I think it actually turned out better this way and will show up better on the porch.

Hope you like it!



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