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The Adventures of the Great Mouse Hunt…

So last night was an interesting little mini adventure. It involves a mouse, a dog & 4 girls.

My girls worked really hard on drawing some horses and wanted to share their drawings with their grams. They went over to show off their drawings and I stayed to work in the office trying to get caught up.

It was later in the evening and pretty dark outside. The next thing I know, I hear them all laughing and screaming, the dog was barking and it was quite the ruckus! It was more laughing than screaming so I figured they were ok. I thought maybe they ran across something outside on the ground or a bug flew at them – who knows?? We have tons of critters around here all the time.

Next thing I know, my mom calls me on the phone and says “I need your assistance to catch something”. Me “uh oh – ok I’ll be right over”. As I walked in the door, everyone was still laughing and running around with flashlights and acting all crazy.

Turns out, one of them popped a balloon, which was really loud and scared our dog. She’s quite an anxious thing as it is, so I can imagine how a loud bang would make her nervous. She wanted to get the heck out of there (LOL), so they opened the door to let her out in the yard.

They were chatting a little and getting ready to come home and saw something run along the baseboard. At first, they thought it was a lizard or gecko. Those geckos hang out at every single door of our house every night. Sometimes, they manage to sneak right in if you leave the door open even just for a moment.

They saw it move again, my oldest screamed “it’s a mouse” – That’s where all the screaming & screeching came in to play. They squealed and ran up on the top of the couch (screaming all the way) Wish I could have seen that! My youngest saw it run under the refrigerator. She got up the nerve and laid down to take a picture of it hiding under the fridge, towards the back. 

Then they decided to call me over to tag team catching this little bugger. I mean who could go to sleep knowing there’s a mouse in your house. I’d be wondering where it went, is it going to crawl up on my face, etc etc. My mom and I have experience from years ago catching a ground squirrel that got in our house one day. That’s a whole other funny story in itself. We work pretty darn good together and knew we’d catch this one too.

I layed on the floor to try and see where it was to see if I could pull the fridge out and maybe get it to run out from underneath. This little guy was so stinkin small, he could fit anywhere. He was so still, didn’t blink and you couldn’t even see him breathing… For a moment I wondered if maybe he had a heart attack and died from all the screaming and excitement.

We got the broom handle and it was too big. The yardstick worked though and he came running out – across the room and under the couch. Closer to the door, but hiding again. Back to using the yardstick to scoot him along. Out he came and under the bookcase he went. He actually crawled under the bookcase. I am not kidding that there is literally a half an inch opening or less all across the front. It’s amazing how small they can compress to get in and out of the places they want. Got the handy yardstick again and back under the couch he went.

So we all spread out through the room in a manner to not let em go anywhere but out the door… My mom with a bucket, my youngest with a pillow and my oldest was in charge of opening the door for the great escape…

The plan worked, along with some screaming, screeching, jumping and laughing from all – out the door he went! Along with my mom chasing after him and stomping her feet to be sure he ran far out and away from her front door.

Each time I laid down on the ground not being able to move as quickly as if I was on my feet try and get him moving, I just knew he was going to come running straight for my face! Luckily that didn’t happen!!

This would have been such a great time for someone to take a video – it was hilarious! But no one thought of it until after the fact of course. Great adventure and mouse memories for us all.

How about you – do you have any funny stories like this you’d like to share? Comment below if you do – otherwise I guess we’re just the crazy ones LOL!

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